About LYNQ

Manufacturing is undergoing a fourth revolution. Technology and the Internet is transforming the way we make things. Software and manufacturers need to evolve to compete. LYNQ is here to help.

Large manufacturers began to extend ERP into manufacturing execution eco-systems involving 20 or more specialist software packages all of which needed to talk to each other. Fine if you have the money, but how do you compete if you are a small to mid-sized manufacturer on a tight budget with your own industry related complexities?

Our ambition is to introduce some of these technological advances to smaller manufacturers with 50 – 500 employees.

What our clients say

  • "Our on-time delivery was 87%, with the introduction of LYNQ solutions it is now 97%"Automotive with 80 employees
  • "We reduced our machine downtime by 27%"Electronics with 100 employees
  • "Technical support was not only very knowledgeable, but both accessible and friendly"Food with 200 employees
  • "We have saved $20,000 a year with ROI realised in just 4 months!"Oil & Gas with 160 employees
  • "Software is well developed and thought through by a very responsive team"Metal Fabrication with 300 employees

Latest News

5 tips to manage BYOD in the Workplace

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is rife in the modern workplace allowing employees to be more flexible, and responsive than ever before, but it can be a concern for employers. Especially in the manufacturing sector where productivity needs to be...

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Manufacturing automation in the digital age

Industry 4.0 is upon us, and with it manufacturing automation is leading the way to increased productivity, and streamlined processes. New automated solutions designed to enhance ERP systems are enabling manufacturers to embrace the digital age and eliminate spreadsheets, whiteboards...

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New LYNQ Partnership with SYSPRO Canada

LYNQ Limited are pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with leading ERP vendor SYSPRO Canada. SYSPRO is a leading ERP solution, with over 37 years of experience and more than 15000 customers in 62 countries worldwide, SYSPRO is a...

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