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  • Demand Manager DemandManager Manage factory demand with Demand Manager to smooth production and reduce stock outs Read More
  • Planning Manager PlanningManager Deliver faster with Planning Manager by improving material availability and use of resources Read More
  • Workforce Manager WorkforceManager Track and improve productivity and the output quality of your workforce with Workforce Manager Read More
  • Factory Manager FactoryManager Connect and gain visibility of your factory with Factory Manager to increase output and reduce your costs Read More

What our clients say

  • "The implementation of this great tool was quick, painless and has us kicking goals in no-time"Window Manufacturer with 290 employees
  • "We have saved £20,000 a year with ROI realised in just 4 months"Oil & Gas with 160 employees
  • "Technical support was not only very knowledgeable, but both accessible and friendly"Food with 200 employees
  • "Software is well developed and thought through by a very responsive team"Metal Fabrication with 300 employees
  • "Our on-time delivery was 87%, with the introduction of LYNQ solutions it is now 97%"Automotive with 80 employees

News & Events

Exact Online App Centre launches Workforce Manager by LYNQ

We are excited to announce that Workforce Manager is now available globally for Exact Online Manufacturing customers. Workforce Manager is a powerful web based solution that provides real time tracking of the shop floor and other areas of your business. Avoid timesheets with simple to use clocking via your iPad or other mobile device. Dashboards and reports give you visibility to improve productivity, efficiency, quality and output of your factory. Instant messaging allows you to identify and remove bottlenecks quickly while alerts allow you to monitor and improve the reliability of your production equipment. Make the most of your workforce and transform the way you work. Integration with Exact Online Manufacturing (Basic and Advanced) for shop orders, routings, materials, employees,...

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Renewed Partnership Between LYNQ and Exact Macola Produces New Solutions

In 2000, Exact Macola, based in Columbus, Ohio, along with UK's LYNQ, entered into a partnership to provide Exact Planner - a production scheduling solution that helps reduce waste and costs in the manufacturing process. The two companies have now partnered again to offer a complementary solution, Exact Labor Tracker aimed at reducing waste in manufacturing workforce productivity by improving scheduling, cost data, overtime need assessment, increased operational control, and reduced labor and payroll costs. "Exact Macola's partnership with LYNQ allows us to focus on the needs of the customers and offer them new products that bring added value to their Exact solutions," said Alison Forsythe, Managing Director, Exact Macola. "LYNQ offers a proven track record in delivering innovative IT...

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Next-shoring – the latest trend?

The manufacturing industry has been affected by many thing over the years, and factory location has tended to be a prominent factor in managing both cost and worker availability. Offshoring has been prevalent in recent years, where factories have sought to save cost by relocating factories outside the country where that company is based. India and China have been prime locations where labour and space is cheaper. The emergence of ‘next-shoring’, the proximity to demand and innovation, is now playing a factor for manufacturers. According to Mckinsey who coined the term, next-shoring “encompass[es] elements such as a diverse and agile set of production locations, a rich network of innovation-oriented partnerships, and a strong focus on technical skills[1]”. The ability to...

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