Smart Manager MES Solution

Smart Manager MES seamlessly connects with your ERP system to offer a unique level of delivery, cost and quality control of manufacturing operations for job shop, batch production, production line and mixed mode environments. Using the latest technologies, Smart Manager can effectively schedule, publish, collect, track, analyse and help to improve both human and machine execution of orders on the shop floor, providing faster delivery and lowering your production costs.

Smart Manager provides a 360 view of your manufacturing operations and makes it easy for you to:


Why Smart Manager?

Smart Manager can help you take control of your manufacturing operations and start to:

  • Deliver to your customer faster
  • Control labour and machine costs
  • Reduce downtime and bottlenecks
  • Measure and improve product quality
  • Increase productivity and output
  • Reduce cost to compete

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With Smart Manager you can

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Create and publish detailed production schedules to meet your customer delivery dates

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Connect machines and humans on the shop floor to provide visibility of every works order and production issue for improved operations management

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Track production issues and identify the real reasons for lost productivity with six big loss analysis

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Benchmark and measure your factory’s performance (ISO 22400) with key performance indicators (KPIs) on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), total effective equipment performance (TEEP) and overall labour effectiveness (OLE)

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Access mission critical information whenever and wherever you need it with intuitive mobile and browser-based UIs, via smart phones, PDAs, tablets, bar code scanners and pcs

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Drive lean/six sigma continuous improvement initiatives to maximise output, reduce losses and drive down production costs

reduce loss for faster delivery and lower production costs

Smart Manager includes

Detail Scheduling and Dispatching

Planning Manager is a powerful advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solution that empowers manufacturers to generate and share reliable production schedules. These schedules allow for changing customer demand, plant capacity and resource constraints.

“Our on-time delivery was 87%, with the introduction of Planning Manager it is now 97%

Automotive company with 180 employees


Execution Management and Data Collection

Workforce Manager is a data collection, tracking and analysis solution providing manufacturers with real-time plant floor visibility, helping to automate processes and increase productivity. It enables you to execute production plans whilst simply and accurately capturing and measuring activities on the plant floor.

“We have saved $20,000 a year with ROI realised in just 4 months”

Oil & Gas company with 160 employees


Tracking and Analysis

Factory Manager is an online document, tracking and analysis solution, helping manufacturers to improve their performance and reduce issues. It enables you to create a truly paperless shop floor, record and monitor issues such as machine downtime and share important metrics with your team, from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

“We reduced our machine downtime by 27%”

Electronics company with 100 employees


Understand the performance of your factory

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