Become part of the revolution and stay competitive by embracing the industrial internet of things and establishing your path towards industry 4.0.

LYNQ’s Smart Manager MOM/MES platform enables you to automatically connect with machines in order to read data without manual inputs. Below is a list of activities that can be recorded from your machines and used for analytics:

  • Start/stop equipment
  • Start/end of job
  • Operation status (i.e. operation completed)
  • Current status (i.e. warming up; idle; running; down)
  • Parts count (total, good and bad)
  • Component count (total, good and bad)
  • Performance issues (i.e. slow running; equipment wear; component jam)
  • Custom values (i.e. temperature; pressure; spindle speed)

How it Works

Depending on whether your machines are already data enabled or not you will need a sensor capable of recording the activities above. These sensors provide raw machine data which needs to be gathered centrally before being transformed into readable data.

Smart Manager MOM/MES supports the following protocols and/or specific IO devices:

  • Modbus
  • MQTT
  • Siemens S7 series devices
  • Allen Bradley devices

Smart Manager MOM/MES provides job analytics by combining machine data collected automatically (good quantity, scrap quantity, machine state, etc) with human data that is manually input (job/operation) via Smart Manager terminals.

Transactional data is stored within the Smart Manager SQL database in real-time for live status and minute by minute analysis.


Integration Services

Digitisation of your factory requires specialist hardware, software and skill sets. You should ensure that you have the knowledge within your immediate team to maintain and support your day to day operations.

LYNQ can provide advice and a list of preferred vendors for you to work with in support of your machine integration project.

Please ask about our machine-device integration services and start connecting your factory today.

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