After a turbulent few years, the automotive sector is once again at the heart of American manufacturing. It’s thought to account for one in every 22 US jobs, with the biggest manufacturers generating billions of dollars in profit every year.

Manufacturing firms in today’s automotive sector, however, face a number of unique challenges – many of which can hinder scheduling and planning efforts.

Key facts

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Fluctuating demand
Cars are significant purchases for most people; as the economy changes, so too do consumers’ buying habits. Trends also come and go, impacting demand for certain vehicle types.

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Quality and safety standards
Products must adhere to stringent quality and safety requirements, as implemented by the government. Failure to do so can lead to reputation damage and lawsuits.

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New technologies/expectations
The industry is evolving quickly, as are consumer expectations. We’re rapidly moving towards an age of super-efficient, connected and maybe even driverless cars. Manufacturers must be agile to keep up.

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Efficiency requirements
As global competition intensifies, profit margins decrease and production efficiency becomes paramount. Manufacturers must be running at all times, with stoppages kept to an absolute minimum.

LYNQ's solutions will help

LYNQ specialises in developing ERP-enhancing software applications. We offer a range of innovative solutions, each one ready to address the various challenges faced by today’s automotive manufacturers.

Our software can help your business in a number of ways:

  • Quickly and accurately determine manufacturing demand with the help of streamlined collaboration between distributors, sales teams and suppliers.
  • Maximise shop-floor efficiency by auto-scheduling jobs and using drag-drop capabilities to optimise delivery plans.
  • Go paperless and improve shop-floor sustainability by relying on online communication and digital document management.
  • Closely monitor employee and machine productivity in order to highlight opportunities for improvement across the shop floor.
  • Trace patterns and trends in performance and machine downtime, creating more chances to optimise overall operations.

LYNQ’s various software solutions are already making life easier for automotive businesses across the world.

Get in touch today to find out more about how applications like Workforce Manager, Factory Manager and Planning Manager can push your factory to the next level.


“Before Planning Manager we were at 87% on time delivery, now we have reached 98%. It saves us time and money. We’ve been able to go in and identify internal problems while maintaining nice, steady sales and operation plans.”  

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