The consumer electronics industry alone is worth more than $200 billion to the US economy, with non-consumer products boosting this value even further. The industry as a whole also employs more than one million people, with close to 20,000 companies operating within its boundaries.

All of these organisations, however, face a long list of unique challenges that, when combined, can make planning and scheduling operations particularly difficult.

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Constant innovation
Things change quickly and regularly in the electronics sector. Consumer expectations evolve and manufacturers need to adapt to keep up. Processes, therefore, must be agile.

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Intense competition
The recent boom in demand has created a wave of new manufacturers, as well as more efficient plants and processes. Cost-efficiency must be a priority for those looking to compete.

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Increased regulations
The world’s growing reliance on technology and, more specifically, data, has led to the introduction of new, stricter regulations for manufacturers to abide.

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Long lead times
Long lead times complicate the electronics supply chain, making it more difficult for companies to plan ahead effectively. Agile working also becomes tough, with manufacturers forced to find new ways of looking beyond the short-term future.


These are the types of problems that LYNQ’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution can help manufacturers overcome. Our solution has been designed and built to help modern electronics companies continue operating efficiently in a fast-moving industry.

Smart Manager MOM/MES can boost productivity in a number of ways:

  • Use auto-scheduling to load work to machines, and rely on drag-and-drop scheduling to create optimised plans that benefit your customers and your bottom line.
  • Record and keep track of the reasons for quality issues with the help of user-friendly messaging systems and online forms.
  • Connect your factory floor to keep a closer eye on activity, and make it easier to spot opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Companies across the electronics sector are already using our solution to boost productivity and, ultimately, revenue.

Contact us today to learn more about how our dedicated Manufacturing Operations Management solution can revolutionise the way you work.


“We reduced our machine downtime by 27%”

Electronics Manufacturer with 100 employees