The US glass and glass product industry encompasses more than 1,500 businesses, which together generate $23 billion each year. A further 580 companies are involved in the production of ceramics, generating $2 billion annually.

All of these companies, however, face similar obstacles as they strive to maximize productivity and efficiency levels.

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Non-conventional methods
Glass and ceramic production environments differ greatly from traditional manufacturing factories; machines are replaced by intensive firing and moulding processes.

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Health and safety concerns
The nature of glass-making can make it dangerous, with workers constantly exposed to high temperatures. Regulations must be stringent.

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Sustainability pressures
High-temperature production methods are energy-intensive, and carbon emissions are a constant concern for company bosses.

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Increased competition
Recent environmental pressures have caused production costs to rise, making it difficult for firms to compete internationally.


At LYNQ, we specialise in developing smart and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by mid-market manufacturers in and outside of the glass and ceramics industries.

Our Manufacturing Operations Management solution has been designed to enrich the best-of-breed ERP systems your company already uses, allowing for reduced costs and increased productivity.

  • Gain visibility of your extended supply chain by calculating supplier performance, lead time and forecast error – making it easy to optimise processes and get products out more quickly.
  • Enhance factory-wide safety by attaching regulatory and best practice information to each individual job.
  • Go paperless and increase sustainability in the production environment by relying instead on online document storage and a robust messaging system.
  • Track machine and employee performance using powerful and accurate real-time data, giving you the chance to identify opportunities for improvement.

LYNQ’s solution is helping manufacturers from around the world to maximise efficiency and reach their full potential.

Speak to LYNQ today to find out more about how our Manufacturing Operations Management solution can help you gain complete control of your shop floor.


“Smart Manager MOM/MES is a significant part of our new production planning process. It has given us the ability to easily schedule products and move production around if we need to rearrange based on demand. It also allows us to see exactly where each of our production facilities is on the production schedule, including individual lines. It has sped up the planning process, eliminated our manual schedules and given us much-improved visibility of the overall production schedule.”

Chemicals manufacturer with 25+ employees