The US life sciences industry is worth more than $340 billion, and employs hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Covering everything from pharmaceuticals to medical technology, its advances are crucial to the lives of people across the world.

Manufacturers working in this area don’t have it easy, though. As the sector continues to evolve, companies are finding themselves up against a fresh set of obstacles – all of which are capable of restricting productivity.

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Perfection is paramount
Life sciences is a precise industry and strict quality standards must be upheld at all times. Every nuance has to be documented as the consequences of error are particularly serious.

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Legal regulation
As a result of the above, pharmaceutical companies must adhere with stringent legislation as laid out by the government and other regulating bodies. Moreover, these rules are constantly subject to change; being ready to adapt is imperative.

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Research and development
Research and development is more crucial to life sciences than to any other industry, but companies must ensure they’re getting sustainable returns on their investments.

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Unconventional competition
Producers face competition, not only from others in the industry, but also from illegal, black market sellers. According to the World Customs Organisation, the global market for counterfeit drugs is worth close to $200 billion.


These are the kinds of challenges that LYNQ can help you overcome. Our innovative Manufacturing Operations Management solution has been developed to ensure mid-market manufacturers can fulfil their potential by improving operations in a number of ways:

  • Increase shop-floor efficiency with the ability to attach any type of document to your jobs – including material lists, regulations and best practice information.
  • Improve sustainability and reduce overheads by going paperless – replace physical documents and communications with online forms and messaging features.
  • Measure quality in real-time using accurate data delivered directly from the shop floor; giving you the power to identify opportunities.
  • Improve connectivity to gain complete visibility of employee and machine performance.

Smart Manager MOM/MES is already being used by manufacturers across the world.

To find out more about LYNQ’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution, and how we can help your life sciences business reach new heights, speak to the team today.


“Smart Manager MOM/MES has simplified our production scheduling process.  We are able to slot production orders into various production lines and move them around to where they best fit.  If changes need to be made that is easily done by dragging and moving the production order on the schedule.  It provides a great visual that we can look at to see how the production is moving along.  We really like this product.”

Chemicals manufacturer with 25+ employees