The US manufacturing sector is worth more than $2 trillion to the national economy, and supports the employment of over 17.5 million people. The industry as a whole, however, depends heavily on the thousands of companies dedicated to developing and building production machinery.

Those working in this complex sector must overcome a unique set of challenges as they search for operational efficiency. Together, these challenges are enough to hinder planning and scheduling efforts, and ultimately restrict productivity.

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Increasing global competition
The UK industry faces increasing competition from other parts of the world, where labour and materials can be considerably cheaper.

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Constant innovation
Processes and relevant technologies are evolving rapidly as manufacturers strive for faster, smarter production. Machine-makers must ensure they keep up with all advances in order to remain relevant to their audiences.

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Lengthy development process
The journey from initial design to completion is lengthy when it comes to machine production – numerous parts have to be developed and sourced, with many different companies involved.

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Maintenance requirements
Machine building is an intensive process, and companies must consistently maintain the condition of their own machines to ensure quality levels remain high.


This is where LYNQ can help. Our ERP-enhancing Manufacturing Operations Management solution has been developed with mid-market manufacturers in mind, to help them plan, schedule, execute and analyse effectively.

Our solution can improve your business’s operations in a number of ways:

  • Manage and avoid bottlenecks using the graphical planning board to identify and rectify issues before they impact production.
  • Improve client satisfaction by providing your service team with complete visibility of the shop floor – making it possible to determine the status of each job instantly.
  • Use real-time data from the shop floor to track employee and machine performance, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Track OEE, availability, loading, quality and six loss using powerful, data-fuelled dashboards.

Smart Manager MOM/MES is already being used by manufacturers across all industries.

We can help you to maximise productivity in your machine manufacturing environment. To find out more, speak to our team of experts today.


“Before Smart Manager MOM/MES we were at 87% on time delivery, now we have reached 98%. Smart Manager MOM/MES saves us time and money. We’ve been able to go in and identify internal problems, while also maintaining nice, steady sales and operation plans.”

Transportation manufacturer with 80+ employees