Oil and gas is a major contributor to the US economy, generating billions of dollars every year. The sector also employs hundreds of thousands people, many of whom work offshore in refinement facilities.

Things aren’t always straightforward for the manufacturers operating in this industry, however. They face a series of unique challenges that can severely impact operations, both day-to-day and in the long term.

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Fluctuating demand
The oil and gas industry is at the mercy of so many external factors, including global politics and economies. As a result, product and resource demand can fluctuate, making it difficult for companies to produce accurate forecasts. Flexibility is a must.

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Sustainability and the environment
The environment is already a key concern for oil and gas companies, but its importance is growing rapidly as the government continues to introduce ambitious carbon reduction targets. Manufacturers must operate in maximum cost, energy and resource efficiency at all times.

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Strong competition
Natural resources are finite, and businesses across the global industry are in constant competition to secure what they need in order to keep output levels high and running costs low.

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Safety concerns
Oil rigs and refinement facilities are particularly dangerous places to work, and companies face a constant battle to maintain maximum levels of safety for workers without impacting performance.


LYNQ specialises in building innovative ERP-enhancing software solutions capable of helping manufacturers in today’s oil and gas industry overcome the above obstacles.

With LYNQ you can improve operations in a number of ways:

  • Rely on auto-scheduling and drag-and-drop job-loading to create optimised production plans. Greater machine efficiency then allows for reduced lead times and larger profit margins.
  • Keep a closer eye on your workforce by gaining visibility into the performance and activities of each individual employee. You then have the chance to manage overall efficiency more effectively.
  • Measure the performance and condition of machinery in real-time, giving you the chance to tweak processes and schedules quickly for maximum productivity.

LYNQ’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution is being used by manufacturing businesses across the global oil and gas sector.

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