Even in the digital age, revenue is rising for US paper product manufacturers. The latest reports show it to be a $5 billion sector, with annual growth of 0.6 per cent.

The sector is home to around 360 businesses, which together employ more than 16,000 people. All of these companies, however, are faced with a number of unique challenges in the quest for operational efficiency.

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Logistical efficiency
Paper products must be distributed and transported across vast areas in a time- and cost-efficient way. From loading to driving, everything has to be as smooth as possible.

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Ethical pressures
Manufacturers must address concerns around deforestation and other environmental impacts, reinforcing sustainable values to clients, regulators and the wider public.

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High production costs
High-speed production lines are energy intensive – keeping running costs down has to be a priority if companies are to keep profit margins significant.

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Increasing competition
With digital alternatives growing quickly in popularity, the paper sector has become saturated, with competition intensifying among manufacturers. Companies must be able to set themselves apart.


This is where LYNQ comes in. We have developed a powerful and innovative Manufacturing Operations Management solution, ready to help manufacturers in the paper sector overcome the above challenges and more.

Smart Manager MOM/MES can enhance your operations in a number of ways:

  • Optimise maintenance strategies and incorporate repair and service work into your capacity plans with the help of intervention alerts.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency by using powerful analytics dashboards to track OEE, loading, availability, performance and quality.
  • Identify capacity and make best use of the available resources to maximise profit.
  • Turn your factory floor paperless and achieve true sustainability by relying on online documents and digital messaging features.

Our solution plays an integral part in the operations of businesses across the paper products industry, and so many others.

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“Smart Manager MOM/MES had simplified out production scheduling process. We are able to slot production orders into various production lines and move them around to where they best fit.  If changes need to be made that is easily done by dragging and moving the production order on the schedule. It provides a great visual that we can look at to see how the production is moving along. We really like this product.”

Manufacturer with 100+ employees