The American printing industry is worth a whopping $82 billion, and despite recent declines, still employs more than 400,000 people across the country.

It’s not as easy as it used to be to achieve success in this area, however. Manufacturing companies working in the sector are faced with a number of unique pressures and challenges that, when combined, can make it difficult to operate efficiently.

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Digital replacements
The advent and rapid rise of the internet as a convenient alternative to printed books, magazines and other literature has hit the industry hard. Comparatively, printed words are slower to produce and more costly to distribute.

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Intense competition
Being in gradual decline, the print media market has become saturated. Competition is intensifying and only the strongest, most productive players will excel. Those who don’t focus on efficiency risk failure.

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Fluctuating demand
Product demand in the print sector is tied more closely to the wider economy than in other industries. Companies must be ready to adapt to a constantly changing market.

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Environmental concerns
The pressure on print companies to operate sustainably and keep environmental impacts minimal is growing. Production must be in line with government and consumer expectations.


LYNQ’s Manufacturing Operations Management has been developed to help manufacturers in the printing and media sector overcome these challenges and more.

Our unique solution can boost productivity and enhance your business’s operations in a number of ways:

  • Build accurate forecasts quickly with the help of powerful forecasting algorithms and online collaboration tools.
  • Optimise production plans by harnessing the powers of automatic and drag-drop scheduling, making it possible to shorten lead times and deliver to customers quickly and cost-efficiently.
  • Keep a closer eye on product quality with real-time measurements delivered directly from the factory floor.
  • Highlight performance trends with access to comprehensive data on machine and employee activity.

Businesses across the world are already relying on our solutions to boost productivity and maximise revenue.

Get in touch today to find out more about our specialist manufacturing solution, and how they can improve your business.


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