Exact Online App Centre launches Workforce Manager by LYNQ



We are excited to announce that Workforce Manager is now available globally for Exact Online Manufacturing customers.

Workforce Manager is a powerful web based solution that provides real time tracking of the shop floor and other areas of your business. Avoid timesheets with simple to use clocking via your iPad or other mobile device. Dashboards and reports give you visibility to improve productivity, efficiency, quality and output of your factory. Instant messaging allows you to identify and remove bottlenecks quickly while alerts allow you to monitor and improve the reliability of your production equipment. Make the most of your workforce and transform the way you work.

Integration with Exact Online Manufacturing (Basic and Advanced) for shop orders, routings, materials, employees, work centres and production areas provides enhanced time entry, materials management and production reporting.

What do you get…?

  • Avoid timesheets – simply clock on/off jobs using the mobile workbench
  • Messaging – identify and remove production bottlenecks or issues
  • Payroll – link to payroll systems such as ADP
  • Productivity – make the most of your workforce – gain real time visibility of your shop floor

Alerts – improve the reliability of your production equipment by tracking issues

Workforce Manager for Exact OnlineWorkforce Manager Employee Screen for Exact OnlineWorkforce Manager Overview Screen for Exact Online






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