Renewed Partnership Between LYNQ and Exact Macola Produces New Solutions



In 2000, Exact Macola, based in Columbus, Ohio, along with UK’s LYNQ, entered into a partnership to provide Exact Planner – a production scheduling solution that helps reduce waste and costs in the manufacturing process.

The two companies have now partnered again to offer a complementary solution, Exact Labor Tracker aimed at reducing waste in manufacturing workforce productivity by improving scheduling, cost data, overtime need assessment, increased operational control, and reduced labor and payroll costs.

“Exact Macola’s partnership with LYNQ allows us to focus on the needs of the customers and offer them new products that bring added value to their Exact solutions,” said Alison Forsythe, Managing Director, Exact Macola. “LYNQ offers a proven track record in delivering innovative IT solutions to a global market and we feel this renewed partnership continues the level of service and advancement our customers expect from Exact.”