NETSTOCK: Manage your factory demand

Netstock LogoLYNQ is proud to recommend Netstock, a comprehensive inventory management tool, allowing you to take better control of your factory stock, effectively forecast for the future and understand what really drives your manufacturing.

Forecast + Orders + Stocking Policy = Manufacturing Net Requirements

Using Netstock, our customers typically realise a 20-30% cost reduction in their Master Production Schedules (i.e. they were producing unnecessary items). Similar savings are also realised with reductions of excess inventory (i.e. they were holding items on their shelves that they didn’t need to have). While this was happening, stock outs were minimised and orders were being delivered faster because they gained a real focus on what they actually needed.

What you get

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Reduce Excess Inventory

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Place Orders Faster

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Minimise Stock Outs

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Quick Start
Integrates out of the box with best of breed ERP systems

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