Our Solutions

Manufacturing is undergoing a fourth revolution. Technology and the internet has transformed the way we make things. Software and Manufacturers need to evolve to compete.

LYNQ’s ambition is to introduce some of these technological advantages to small to mid-size manufacturers.

We provide planning, workforce and factory management software in a unique way. Rather than seperate components, we offer a combined, fully integrated solution allowing you to plan, produce and perform like never before.

Our solutions

Planning Manager Workforce Manager Factory Manager
 planning-chevron  workforce-chevron  factory-chevron
Planning Manager is a powerful, advanced planning and scheduling solution Workforce Manager is a data collection,
tracking and analysis solution
Factory Manager is an online document,
tracking and analysis solution

Recommended Solutions

netstock-(bw)-transpNetstock, a comprehensive inventory management tool, allowing you to take better control of your factory stock, effectively forecast for the future and understand what really drives your manufacturing. Features include:

  • Responsive dashboards
  • Recommended Orders
  • Product Classification
  • Stocking Policies and more…