Planning and scheduling is a major challenge for many organisations. The variables within processes can make or break a company, and unsatisfactory production planning leads to high operating costs and customer delivery problems.

Smart Manager MOM/MES incorporates an advanced, finite capacity based, planning and scheduling (APS) system allowing you to quickly and accurately schedule while minimising downtime.

The solution enables organisations to create accurate schedules that factor in constraints around tooling, machines, personnel and inventory. Manufacturers are then able to make smarter use of materials and resources helping them deliver to customers faster and in the most cost-effective way possible.



Smart Manager MOM/MES meets all of your production planning and scheduling needs:

Visual Planning Board – define your resources and their available capacity by the shifts that they operate. Create, optimise and share your production schedule online. Publish job lists to your resources for easy data collection.
Dashboard – balance equipment utilisation and order fulfilment to maximise factory output. View your most/least utilised resources, top orders by value and popular products by volume.
Production Plan – view the agreed production plan. List and/or print shop packets. Review progress including hours reported, quantities produced and issues logged to expedite and/or provide delivery information.
Equipment Plan – review the impact of the production plan on your equipment. Drill into each equipment card to view loading detail and expected daily output.
Production Status – review open jobs to check their status. Use progress bars to gain visibility of hours booked, materials issued and overall progress at a glance. Drill to view specific job details including attached documents and issues recorded.
Material List – view specific material requirements by individual resources for today or this week designed to support cell manufacture and for use with mobile and/or tablet devices.
Job Lists – view job lists by resource groups for today or this week designed for use with mobile and/or tablet devices.
Production History – view activity history in relation to both open and closed jobs.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible and simple to use
  • Easily create, update and share schedules
  • Shorten delivery times with smarter use of materials and resources
  • Give accurate customer promise dates by quickly simulating scenarios based on real capacity
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Quickly and accurately schedule to maximise order fulfilment and resource utilisation

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Publish schedules and job lists to the shop and other departments easily



“Smart Manager MOM/MES was easy to setup, deploy and learn. We like the seamless integration with our existing ERP system, it’s easy to use and it’s reliable which allows us to gather an accurate accounting of our labour and machine costs and has helped us to strengthen our operations to make them more efficient.”

Automotive Manufacturer