Factory Manager: Factory Performance Analysis

Often, in-depth analysis of captured data from your factory is difficult and time-consuming. Analysing your factory at the highest level, however, can help you find unexpected cost savings, and increase your overall factory output.

Can it measure my overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)?

Can it measure my total effective equipment performance (TEEP)?

Can it identify and provide loss analysis of downtime, speed and quality?

42%-ICON-FMOur Factory Manager solution can do all this and more, helping drive your business into the future with the ability to record and calculate the following metrics:

  • Six Big Losses
  • Loading
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP)

Let us help you compete in today’s market, by reducing your operating costs and increasing your overall factory output. Contact us today for more information.