Factory Manager: Issue Tracking and Workflow

Unexpected issues on your factory floor can have a detrimental effect on lead times, factory productivity and overall profits. Multiple unexpected problems can even lead to closure in extreme cases. So how does your factory answer the following questions?

Can I track machine downtime and record details of root cause?

Can it be easily configured to track any type of issue?

Can I assign issues to be resolved?

35%-ICON-FMFactory Manager can record, track and help resolve issues quickly and efficiently. It can even help stop these issues appearing in the first place by evaluating:

  • Breakdowns
  • Setup & Adjustments
  • Minor Stops
  • Reduced Speed
  • Start-up Rejects
  • Production Rejects
  • Health & Safety

Why not get a free demo of Factory Manager to see how we can help your business stay in tip top shape by minimising your issues and saving you time and money.