The Six Sigma core management process is to define, measure, analyse, improve and control (DMAIC). Smart Manager MOM/MES supports this approach by providing Six Big Loss, Loading and other analysis. It not only provides the key performance indicators (KPI’s), but also provides the metrics and the means of measurement, out of the box.

This supports your continuous improvement teams and Six Sigma black belts by providing definition on what to measure, the measurement itself and the analysis so that loss can be targeted and the environment brought under control with greater efficiency and productivity as a result.

Alerts and messaging triggered by the data being collected helps to ensure control. The provision of online document control offers a countermeasure to operator shortages involving documentation helping to eliminate and reduce waste in the organisation as a result of paperwork trails.



Smart Manager MOM/MES meets all of your continuous improvement needs:

Management Alerts – receive performance management alerts to improve efficiencies and prevent issues becoming problems.
Messaging – send and view messages to and from the shop floor.
Issue Workflow – view, assign and resolve custom and/or performance related production issues.
Paperless Shop – manage and maintain static attachments or online forms related to jobs, operations, employees, equipment. Add hyperlinks to videos and/or document management systems where audit trail or document versioning control is required.
Anytime, Anywhere – access mission critical information whenever and wherever you need it via tablet and/or mobile devices.
Safe and Secure – sign in authentication with full organizational control to restrict information that can be viewed by workgroup or individual.
Quality Assurance – the solution has been formed around the globally recognized standard for manufacturing operations management, IEC62264 providing the tools and analytics essential for effective manufacturing operations management to help you compete in todays’ market.