Production planning and scheduling can be complex and time consuming, especially when relying on subjective knowledge, manual un-integrated spreadsheets and ERP’s infinite capacity. Production schedules created in this way often result in un-reliable delivery dates, excessive or insufficient stock, and poor quality and resource utilisation. With production planning at the heart of your factory, and technology and the Internet transforming the way we make things, software and manufacturers need to evolve to compete.

Planning Manager is a powerful, advanced planning and scheduling solution that empowers manufacturers to quickly create, update and share flexible and reliable production plans. It enables you to generate accurate schedules that take into account machine, personnel, tooling and inventory constraints. You are able to balance material, capacity and shop floor schedules simultaneously to meet customer demands on time — and at the lowest possible costs.

What our customers say

  • "Planning Manager gives us visibility of where things are in the production process and the ability to plan based on changing customer requirements"Mike Kraus, IT Manager, TriSep on Planning Manager

What you get

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Flexible and simple to use

Easily update and share schedules

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Short delivery lead times

Smarter use of materials and resources

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Accurate customer promise dates

Quickly simulate scenarios based on real capacity

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Quick Start

Integrates out of the box with best of breed ERP systems

Planning Manager Screenshots

Planning Dashboards Visual APS Online Production Plan
 Planning Dashboards Visual APS  Online Schedule

What our Customers say

  • "We reduced our machine downtime by 27%"Electronics with 100 employees

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