Planning Manager: Finite Capacity Scheduling

Production Scheduling can be complex at the best of times. Production planners can often find themselves asking the following questions…

Can I quickly determine an achievable production schedule?

Can I measure loading and availability of machines and people?

Can I easily adjust the schedule and add ‘What if’ orders?

LYNQ can help.
With Planning Manager’s finite capacity scheduling you understand capacity and demand, ultimately helping you to reduce inventory and long lead times.

  • Auto-Scheduling (rules-based)
  • Drag and Drop (fine tune/adjust)
  • Alternative Workcentres
  • Bottleneck Management
  • What If Scenario (Capacity)
  • Change Impact Notification
  • Fix Schedule (pin)

We can help you make quick and flexible production schedules, give your customers accurate delivery dates and quickly simulate scenarios based on real capacity. Contact us now for a demo.