Shop floor execution and data collection

Workforce Manager is one of three innovative solutions on LYNQ’s Smart Manager MES platform.

Workforce Manager is a data collection, tracking and analysis solution providing manufacturers with job shop, batch production, production line or mixed mode environments with real-time plant floor visibility, helping to automate processes and increase productivity. It enables you to execute production plans whilst simply and accurately capturing and measuring activities on the plant floor from your employees and machines.


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Execute live published production plans

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Measure the performance of your employees and equipment with live analytics

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Connect humans and machines on the shop floor to provide visibility of every job

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Track production issues and identify the real reasons for lost productivity with six big loss analysis

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Track the live status of employees, machines and jobs

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Integrate out of the box with best of breed ERP systems

Any device anywhere

Workforce Manager makes use of the latest technologies, providing intuitive mobile and browser-based UI’s, via smart phones, PDAs, tablets, bar code scanners and pcs. Extensive online views makes it easy for you and your team to gain visibility over any stage of the process, from any device.


What our customers say

  • "Software is well developed and thought through by a very responsive team"Metal Fabrication with 300 employees


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