Workforce Manager: Live Status Tracking

The ability to track people, orders and machines in your factory is vital for supervisors. They need to have complete visibility in order to prevent problems from occurring, and to solve issues when they do arise.

Can I see who has arrived and is working and who is not?

Can I see which work centres are active?

Can I easily track the progress of my project, order or operation?

40%-ICON-WMWorkforce Manager answers all these questions and more with live status tracking.

  • Live Employee Status (Arrived/Working)
  • Live Employee Efficiency (Actual vs Plan)
  • Live Employee Quality
  • Live Employee Productive Time
  • Live Workcentre Status
  • Workcentre Loading
  • Alerts & Messaging

We can help you gain visibility throughout your factory floor, allowing you to manage productivity effectively and deliver on time. Get in touch to find out more.