Smart Manager is a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution that helps you revolutionise your company to gain competitive advantage in today’s market without having to change your core systems. By extending and enriching your existing ERP or PLM system you can quickly and easily create a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that meets your specific industry requirements.

Smart Manager MOM/MES has been formed around the globally recognised standard for Manufacturing Operations Management (IEC62264) and provides solutions for:

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Shop Floor Data Collection and Tracking
  • Factory Digitisation and Automation
  • Factory Performance and Loss Management
  • Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement

Making use of the latest technologies, Smart Manager MOM/MES provides a modern and intuitive, browser-based user interface, allowing you to operate from any device, anywhere, at any-time.

Measure Performance

Driving your manufacturing operations to world class standards…

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve itPeter Drucker (Management Consultant)”

Today’s manufacturing organisations need to benchmark performance of their resources (both human and machine) and drive to world class standards to gain competitive advantage in the global market-place.

Smart Manager MOM/MES provides key performance indicators, metrics and the means of measurement to help you identify and drive loss out of your business, making you more competitive and more profitable.

  • Overall Labour Effectiveness (OLE) – for your employees you need to measure their Overall Labour Effectiveness (OLE). The average measurement of OLE in a manufacturing plant is only 40%. To be considered world class this should be 75% or above.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – for your equipment you need to measure the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The average measurement of OEE in a manufacturing plant is only 60%. Today’s world-class manufacturers operate at 85%.
  • Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) – for equipment you should also measure your Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP). Considered as one of the most important key performance indicators by today’s manufacturers, this takes into account all available time and can only be measured with the provision of a planning and scheduling tool as it incorporates percentage loading into its calculation.

Increase Productivity

Targeting and minimising loss to lower production costs…

With an understanding of how you are performing, you now need to identify, classify and quantify where your losses are. Once you can do this, you can reduce loss, which will allow you to deliver faster and lower production costs.

Eliminating loss provides true tangible value and return when you consider each lost hour from both a cost and profit making perspective. On average 1,000 hours represents a loss of £35,000 GBP every month (cost) or £15,000 GBP (margin).

There are four (4) main loss classifications. Once classified countermeasures can be applied to reduce them to increase productivity.

  • Loading Loss – planned downtime such as idle time, setup, teardown, maintenance etc…
  • Availability Loss – unplanned downtime such as equipment breakdowns, tooling failures, operator shortages etc…
  • Performance Loss – reduced speed from slow running, equipment wear and tear, component jams etc…
  • Quality Loss – from scrap, rejects or production reworks

Availability, performance and quality losses are often referred to as Six Big Loss which Smart Manager MOM/MES provides analytics for out of the box.

Optimise Operations

Improving the workflow of core manufacturing activities…

Smart Manager MOM/MES supports your complete manufacturing lifecycle, providing you with a 360° view of your production and optimising the workflow of core manufacturing activities including:

  • Schedule – quickly and accurately schedule to maximise order fulfilment and resource utilisation
  • Publish – publish schedules and job lists to the shop floor and other departments easily
  • Collect – collect data from shop floor from humans and machines
  • Track – gain real time visibility of employees, equipment and jobs
  • Analyse – access out of the box analytics for Six Big Loss, OLE, OEE and TEEP
  • Improve – drive continuous improvement with alerts, messaging, online documents and more

Avoid integration costs through a single solution that does it all…

Connect Machines (and other devices)

Helping you take the first steps towards digitisation of your factory and Industry 4.0…

By supporting concepts such as Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Manager MOM/MES provides the platform to digitise your factory by collecting data from your machines and other devices automatically without the need for manual inputs.

Gain real time visibility of:

  • Start/stop and downtime
  • Job assignment
  • Operation status (e.g. operation completed)
  • Machine status (e.g. warming up; idle; running; down)
  • Part count (total, good and bad)
  • Component count (total, good and bad)
  • Performance issues (e.g. slow running; equipment wear; component jam)
  • Custom values (e.g. temperature; pressure; spindle speed)

Revolutionise your Factory

Helping you compete in today’s market…

Still looking for more?

Smart Manager MOM/MES helps to drive Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement initiatives with management alerts, issue logging and workflow, online documents and more…

  • Management Alerts – receive performance management alerts to improve efficiencies and prevent issues becoming problems
  • Messaging – send and view messages to and from the shop floor
  • Issue Workflow – view, assign and resolve custom and/or performance related production issues
  • Paperless Shop – manage and maintain static attachments or online forms related to jobs, operations, employees and equipment. Add hyperlinks to videos and/or document management systems where audit trail or document versioning control is required
  • Anytime, Anywhere – access mission critical information whenever and wherever you need it via tablet and/or mobile devices
  • Safe and Secure – sign in authentication with full organisational control to restrict information that an be viewed by workgroup or individual
  • Quality Assured – the solution has been formed around the globally recognised standard for manufacturing operations management – IEC62264, providing tools and analytics essential for effective manufacturing operations management to help compete in today’s market.

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