We only work with companies that believe in providing superior customer service.

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We work with a select group of business solution (ERP) providers for manufacturing. Our close relationships with these best-of-breed software providers and their network of local business partners allow us to provide a superior service to the manufacturers we serve. As an ERP provider, our solutions help you to close business and grow your revenues, knowing that you are meeting the needs of your customers.

Close more business

  • Our solutions help strengthen your ERP offering to manufacturers
  • They are affordable and use the latest technologies
  • We bring industry- specific experience that wins business

Keep customers for longer

  • Customers may leave or look for another system unless functionality gaps are closed
  • Our solutions are easy to add on and integrate with existing systems
  • Your system can grow in tandem with your business

Fit for your business

  • Implementation fees available for certified partners
  • App-building tools generate service revenue for certified partners
  • Solutions often highlight ERP data issues where consultancy revenue can be generated


The manufacturing industry is changing; Smart Industry is here. Connected factories making use of the Internet of Things is fast becoming the only way for global manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage. If you are a supplier helping the manufacturing industry to become ‘smart’ then we would be interested in talking with you. By working together we serve our customers better.

Reach new markets

  • Benefit from our database of over 100,000 UK-based manufacturers
  • Leverage our network of over 500 international business partners and consultants
  • Utilise our relationships with best-of-breed ERP vendors
  • We have an experienced marketing team that builds successful campaigns
  • Get your product noticed at ERP and manufacturing events in the UK

Integrate your products

  • We have the knowledge and skills to integrate your product with best-of-breed ERP packages quickly and easily

Close sales

  • Drive sales with our integrated demo environments
  • Benefit from our experienced solution consultants to help close sales quickly


We pride ourselves on being an innovative company that keeps pace with the latest advancement in technology. Working with global manufacturing advisory bodies and manufacturers themselves helps us to maintain our own competitive advantage and better serve our customers. If you are simply looking for some guidance we may be able to help put you in touch with the right people or suppliers. Alternatively you can contact one of our business partners, to see the full list click here.

ERP integration

  • We understand how to get the most out of the ERP system you use
  • Our solutions compliment your ERP to give you the functionality your business needs
  • They can seamlessly integrate with your ERP

Industry expertise

  • We have a network of consultants with broad industry experience
  • Our advice helps your business compete and grow faster
  • Benchmark yourself against our customers (from 5 to 2000 employees)

Fit for your business

  • Our solutions work for repetitive (process or discrete) and job shop manufacturers
  • They were built based on feedback from real manufacturers
  • Our solutions are easy to use, scalable and affordable